How an Exterminator Can Get Rid of a Bed Bug Probem

Do you itch a lot when you go to bed each night? The itchiness that you experience only when lying in bed may be a sign that there are bed bugs in the box spring and creases of your mattress. Find out in this article what an exterminator can do in the event that your house has a bed bug infestation. What Can Be Done to Get Rid of Bed Bugs? Read More 

Chew On This: Seven Signs You Might Have A Pest Problem

An infestation can not only result in damages and expense, it can wreak emotional havoc on you and your family. When you suspect that you have unwanted guests and pests in your home, don't delay in contacting a pest control professional to take care of the issue. Pests can rapidly breed and take-over your home when you delay taking action to stop an infestation. Seven signs that there is something inhabiting and infesting your home include: Read More 

Tips For Dealing With Honeybees In Your Home’s Walls

Removing honeybees from your home is more difficult than you might expect. While you can eliminate things like hornets or wasps by simply spraying them, honeybees are a different challenge. Those other types of bees are scavengers, not honey producers. When you're dealing with honeybees, you need to also deal with the presence of the honey. Here's a look at why it matters and what you should know about dealing with a honeybee infestation in your walls. Read More 

Getting Rid Of Cockroaches And Keeping Them Out Of Your House

If you see one cockroach in your house, there are likely dozens or hundreds nesting nearby. These pests don't go far from their colony while looking for food. You and a pest control service will need to work together to get rid of the nests and prevent them from settling back into your house. Here is what needs to be done to remove those unsightly pests from your house. Stopping a Cockroach Nesting Problem Read More 

Removing Mold From Your Home’s Basement Floor Joists

If you recently discovered mold growing on the wooden floor joists in your home's basement, then it is vital that you take immediate action to kill it, and to fix the moisture problems feeding the mold's growth. Follow these steps to kill all of the mold and protect the structural integrity of your house: Step 1: Put on a protective respiratory mask that is approved for use with mold spores. You can purchase a mask at your local home improvement store. Read More