Services A Termite Control Company Provides That Helps Protect Your Home

Termites are a serious matter since they cause so much destruction. When you buy a home, you want to make sure it's protected against termites, and the best way to do that is to work with a termite control service for monitoring and treatment. Paying for termite protection is much better than paying to repair damage to the structure of your home after termites have invaded. Here are some ways a termite control service can protect your home.

Treat For Active Termites

It's alarming to find out your home has active termites. Termites are excellent at staying hidden since they rarely expose themselves. They can be in your home and do a lot of damage before you even know it. Once you realize you have termites, you want to hire a professional to eliminate them. You can buy termite treatments at a home improvement store, but you may only want to use those on structures that are not connected to your house. When it comes to protecting your home, you should let a termite control company handle the problem so your investment is protected.

The company may inject liquid termite killer into the soil around your house. This creates a barrier that kills termites when they come in contact with the treated soil. Another option is to use bait stations that let termites pick up treated bait and carry it back to the nest where thousands of other termites live. While some termite treatments are applied outdoors, it may also be necessary to treat the inside of your home through tenting or some other method, especially in the case of drywood termites. A thorough inspection of your home as well as identification of the type of termites you have is necessary before the termite control company recommends the best treatment.

Provide A Warranty

Some companies offer a warranty against future infestations after they've treated your home. They can do this because the liquid treatments used are effective for a few years. If the treatments are applied correctly, then termites should remain under control until it's time to renew the warranty. Your warranty might provide retreatment at no cost if the termites return, or it might provide retreatment as well as compensation for repairing damage the new termites cause.

If your home is old or water-damaged or has foundation cracks or other problems that allow termites to flourish, then you may only be eligible for a retreatment warranty. In either case, a warranty ensures the company will keep exterminating the termites until they're gone.

Monitor For New Activity

While termites are extremely destructive, they work slowly. It could take months for termites to find poison bait and take it back to the nest to kill the colony. This makes it difficult to know the status of a termite colony, but one way to tell if termites are active is to use bait stations. The termite company can install these in various locations in your yard and then check them periodically for signs that termites have been feeding on the station. When activity is detected, then more aggressive treatments can begin before the termites get back inside your home.