3 Critical Things You Need To Know Regarding Bed Bugs

Do you get itchy bites when you go to sleep at night even though there are no mosquitos in or around your home? Have you treated your home for fleas and you're still being bitten on a regular basis? The unfortunate reality is that you may have bed bugs. Despite a variety of common misconceptions about bed bug infestations, having a random infestation of bed bugs isn't all that unusual. In order to begin to fight against this infestation, it's important to know more about what you're dealing with. Some things that you should be aware of include the following.

Pesticide immunity

While bed bugs aren't completely immune to all pesticides, they are still extremely resistant to a substantial number of them. For this reason, you can't simply go to the store, buy an ordinary can of bug spray, and expect to be rid of the infestation. Instead, it's extremely important to call in a bed bug exterminator to help you with your efforts. They will have access to other products and can show you various techniques to assist you with the elimination of your issue. It may still be a long fight, but it won't be nearly as lengthy or as difficult as it'd be without the help of a professional.

Time between meals

Even though the bed bugs may be biting you every night, unlike a lot of bugs they don't need to eat regularly in order to survive. Depending on the age of the bed bugs in question and the surrounding temperatures, bed bugs can go months between meals. Without having a bed bug exterminator treat your whole home, doing something like simply sleeping in another room won't help. It could take weeks, but any surviving bed bugs would start to migrate until they found where you're sleeping and then they'd resume biting you.

Greatest weakness

For being so durable, bed bugs have one big weakness: heat. Their small size means that it only takes about half an hour of elevated temperatures to kill a bed bug. Fortunately, this is about how long the average drier cycle is. While your bed bug exterminator is doing their thing, you should be putting your clothes through the drier and then immediately putting them into air-tight storage bags. This will kill any bed bugs within and prevent them from reinfesting your clothes. If you travel frequently and are afraid of bringing these creatures back into your home once the exterminator has finished, there are devices you can buy that will essentially "bake" a whole suitcase at a low enough temperature to not damage your belongings while still being hot enough to kill any hitchhiking bed bugs.

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