Don’t Get Bit: 4 Ways To Keep Ants Out Of Your Bed

There's nothing worse than climbing into bed to find that it's infested with ants. Unfortunately, now that the weather is starting to warm up, that's exactly what you could end up with, especially if you haven't taken the right preventative measures. One of the problems with ants is that they won't stay in the kitchen. Once they're in your house, they'll travel wherever they can find food and moisture. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to keep the ants out of your bed. Here are four steps to enjoy an ant-free bed.

Keep Midnight Snacks Out of the Bedroom

If you're in the habit of enjoying a midnight snack in your bed, you need to change that habit right away. Those crumbs that get left behind are an open invitation for ants to come spend the evening with you. Unfortunately, you don't even need to leave crumbs behind. Ants will follow the odor of food right to your bed. If you touch your sheets while you have food on your hands, the ants to find it. Keep the ants out of your bed by enjoying your midnight snacks in the kitchen.

Keep Your Bed Smelling Fresh

If you only wash your sheets once or twice a month – or less – you need to increase the frequency. Ants are attracted to wide variety of odors, including the body odors you leave behind on your sheets. One of the best ways to keep ants out of your bed is to wash your bedding about once a week. Your sheets and blankets should be washed with a small amount of bleach to completely eliminate the body odors that could be attracting the ants. Don't forget to wash your pillows, as well.

Seal Up the Access Points

If you've noticed ants on your window sill or along the floor boards in your bedroom, chances are good that you have some access points that will need to be sealed up. Ants will come through any cracks they can find in the walls or windows. Grab some caulk and seal up any cracks you find along your window frames, or on the walls. Pay close attention to the exterior walls, especially if you have stucco. Cracks in the stucco should be sealed up quickly.

Call the Exterminator

If you can't seem to keep the ants out of your bedroom, you need to call the exterminator. You may have pest issues that will require professional assistance. An ant control service will inspect your home and provide you with a treatment plan to keep ants and other pests away.