Where Did All These Mice Come From?

If you are starting to see signs of mice around your home you may be asking yourself what happened, especially if you have never dealt with rodent issues before. The information here is going to offer you education on where those mice may have come from.

It only takes one

One thing that is very important for you to understand is all it takes for you to end up with an infestation in your home is one pregnant mother mouse. Once she gives birth, she can have about a dozen babies. Those babies will then in turn reach their own reproductive maturity when they are only a month old. One mother mouse can have as many as 10 litters a year. Mice can mate with their siblings with no problem. Now that you understand how fast these critters can breed, you will start to understand how you ended up with an infestation so quickly.

You can bring a mouse into the house

The chances are you have many places in your home where a mouse can sneak in. However, let's say for the sake of argument that your house is air tight. In this case, you could have brought that pregnant mother into your house bringing in any used items from estate, yard, or thrift store sales. You may have even brought that mouse in with a big bag of dog food if it has a small hole in it and a mouse crawled inside. You can even leave the door to your garage open for a few minutes too long and a mouse can get in the garage and wait for the opportunity to then sneak into the house.

You may have an entryway

Mice can fit through the smallest spaces; spaces you would bet they could never fit through. Many homes have gaps somewhere, whether the gap is where the drier exhaust hose is in the laundry room or somewhere on the roof that allows them to have access to your attic. They are also pros at finding any type of damage along the exterior that can get them inside the house. A vent near the bottom of the home's exterior can have a small slice in the screen, just large enough to let a mouse in. Also, doggy doors are huge offenders' people don't' think about that can let mice come right into the house.


Once you find you have mice, it's best to turn to the pros and not try to mess around with fighting them yourself. A pest control company, like American Pest Professionals, can help you get rid of the mice faster and with a lot less stress than had you taken the job on yourself.