Getting Mice To Vacate Your Property

If you are having problems with mice getting inside of your home, you are most likely concerned about their presence and wish to have them leave immediately. There are several steps you can take on your own to try to get a mouse problem under control. Try the following tips to get mice to consider leaving your property for a spot where they are able to find food without the risk of being deterred or scared away.

Take The Time To Clean

It is very important to clean up all food remnants after you do a session of meal preparation. If food scraps are left on counter tops, or if crumbs are left on your kitchen floor, mice will be sure to stick around to nibble upon these items at times you are not in the room. Cleaning effectively will make it harder for mice to get a meal, most likely making them move on to other areas to search for food. If you do not wish to use commercial products in your kitchen, a mixture of white distilled vinegar and water will work well at removing the scent of food from your counters.

Make Your Property Less Attractive To Them

The exterior of your home will need to be tended to so mice are less inclined to make their way to the interior. If you have a wood pile on your property, consider moving it to an area where it cannot be seen from your home so any inhabitants do not make their way to your structure. Place gravel around the perimeter of your house, as mice will stick to grassy or dirt areas, to make mice stay on in the yard rather than try to investigate the exterior for a way inside. Adding a plastic hawk or owl, which are often used in gardens or for hunting decoys, will help keep mice from getting too close to your home as they will fear a predator is ready to make a meal out of them.

Tend To Any Damage

If your home has cracks or holes present in the exterior siding, they will need to be repaired so mice do not use them as entryways to the interior space. Pieces of steel wool can be pushed into larger holes and then they can be covered with pieces of flashing. Smaller cracks can be filled in effectively with caulk. Make sure to take a look around windows and doors to see if there are large gaps present that mice can use to get inside. If so, use expandable foam or pieces of weather stripping to seal these voids.

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