Top 4 Mistakes To Avoid When Dealing With Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a well known problem across the United States, particularly affecting the hotel and recreational industries. The good news is that with the proper treatment, bed bugs can be eradicated in a matter of days. Unfortunately, there are some common mistakes people make when dealing with bed bugs that tend to further complicate the situation and make getting rid of bed bugs more difficult.

Not Knowing How to Recognize Bites

All too often, bed bug bites are shrugged off as bites from a common household pest, such as an ant, spider, or fly. As a result, a bed bug infestation has the opportunity to become larger before the people affected realize what's going on. Typically, bed bug bites result in red raised or sometimes flat areas of the skin; the bites are usually inflamed in appearance, and in those who develop a reaction, could become itchy or blistered.

Not Taking Immediate Action

Another common mistake people make when it comes to bed bugs is failing to take immediate action. Instead, they take a "wait and see" approach, thinking that the problem may remedy itself or simply not realizing how quickly it can get worse. In fact, did you know that even if you only have 10 adult bed bugs in your home, there are likely around 150 nymphs (young bed bugs) already growing, and several more eggs ready to hatch? 

Attempting to Remedy it Alone

While it may be tempting to try some store-bought treatments for bed bugs, this type of infestation is best left to the professionals. Often times, store-bought sprays and other treatments simply aren't enough to fully eradicate the problem. And considering how quickly bed bugs can reproduce, all it takes is two surviving bed bugs to create an infestation all over again. Contact a professional bed bug control company to fully eradicate bed bugs in your home or place of business.

Moving Carelessly to a Different Location

While it's understandable that you won't want to continue sleeping in the same bed where you were bitten by bed bugs, it's advisable that you try to keep the infestation as contained as possible. This means taking the time to bathe and don new clothing before leaving your home to stay elsewhere. Try to limit the amount of possessions you bring with you so as to minimize the chances of bringing bed bugs to your new location. Visit for more information.