Three Questions To Discuss With Your Pest Control Service

It's easy to feel unsettled upon noticing the signs that you have a pest infestation in your home, but it's important to remain calm. Whether you're dealing with insects, rodents or virtually any type of pest, your local pest control service can successfully handle the issue. Once you've done your best to identify which pest is plaguing you, call up a local service to discuss your problem and ask some questions. It is beneficial to cover these three topics and evaluate how the service rep responds to you before deciding if the service is the right one for the job.

Do You Guarantee Your Results?

You can often identify a reputable pest control service by asking if the results from the job are guaranteed. It's important to know that many services don't suggest that they can fix your infestation in only one visit. In many cases, you'll need a return visit to ensure that the problem is rectified. However, once the pest control crew believes that your problem is done, the service should guarantee the results. This means that if you encounter a recurring problem, the service will visit your home again at no extra charge. If the service guarantees its results, be sure to find out what period of time the results are guaranteed for.

How Will You Protect My Family From The Pesticides?

Not every infestation will involve the use of chemicals, but if it looks as though chemicals will be necessary, you must hire a service that will protect your family. Asking this question allows you to hear the service's plan for ensuring that your family members and even your pets don't inhale any pesticide fumes. Some crews will ask that you leave your home for a set period of time during and after the job. In other cases, the crew will educate you about opening the windows in your home and using fans to introduce new air into the space.

How Can I Prepare For Your Arrival?

Given that you're likely eager for the crew to arrive and begin solving the problem, it's beneficial to see how you can help. The service rep might suggest that you take your pets out of the home, relocate furniture that appears to be infested or, in the event of a kitchen infestation, empty your garbage and get rid of any open food that could be contributing to the problem.