Recognizing A Cockroach Infestation In Your Apartment

A common misconception about cockroaches is that they only dwell in filthy or unkempt premises. Cockroaches actually love any kind of house, although having open food and water sources for them to thrive in may tempt them a bit more. If you live in an apartment complex, you are more prone for a cockroach infestation, primarily because of your close proximity to neighbors who may have them in their own dwellings. Learn the signs of a cockroach infestation in your apartment, so you can get rid of them quickly.


Unless you have a lot of cockroaches, odds are you won't see any of the critters roaming around your walls or floors anytime soon. You may notice their feces, however. Cockroach feces resembles tiny black pebbles, dirt, or even coffee grounds, and they will be found in common food or water source areas. Check in your cupboards, along your floorboards, and behind your refrigerator or microwave to see if you can find any of these droppings. The more droppings you find, the larger your cockroach infestation may be.

Complaints from other residents

Ask your landlord or supervisor if any other residents have complained of cockroaches in their apartment. An infestation usually doesn't stop with just one dwelling, so if you suspect these critters roaming around your property, odds are that you are not the only apartment being offended. Your landlord should know if you suspect cockroaches, so they can quickly hire a pest control company to eradicate them for you and other residents that live near you.

Odd odors

Some cockroach species carry with them a noticeable smell. They can leave a musty or oily odor in the air that you can detect in your furniture, behind shelves, or in other dark areas of your home. With these odors, you may also find dead cockroaches or small egg sacs that are a sure sign of an infestation in your home.

Cockroach sighting

If you look carefully behind pictures on your wall, behind your refrigerator, or even behind furniture, you may actually catch a cockroach in motion. They are more active at night, but will move around in any dark location. They are often smaller than a grasshopper, and may resemble a strange cricket. Don't be fooled- a single cockroach sighting may mean that more are on the premises.

What you should do

Immediately contact your supervisor or landlord and alert them that you believe you have a cockroach infestation, so they can fire a pest control company to fumigate your home and kill these insects. You should also remove all food and water sources from your home by doing the following:

  • storing loose goods in airtight containers
  • moving watered plants outdoors
  • moving garbage cans to a garage or outside
  • keeping food particles off the floors or counters
  • keeping pet food in a closed container

Cockroaches can be a gross reality for many people who live in an apartment. No matter how clean you may keep your own residence, they can become a problem for you, too. Once you notice signs of a cockroach infestation, even if you haven't seen an actual cockroach, do what you can to get a specialist, such as Fowler Pest Control, to your home to investigate for these stubborn, unwanted guests.